Diagnostic Digital Imaging is now the main technology used for medical application: Radiological imaging systems have developed, in close parallel with X-RAY image intensifiers, lens systems to transfer the image from this image intensifier to Camera Devices.

Today the new digital image processing techniques being introduced markedly improve the perception of details but, at the same time, impose new demands for a total X-RAY system performance; in order to satisfy all the requirements.

The optical path in X-RAY imaging runs from the light emitting phosphor of the image intensifier tube to the sensor of digital cameras.

Optec X-Ray lens production covers all types of Image Intensifier Tube available in the market and manufactured by important player (Thales, Philips, Shimadzu, Siemens, Toshiba, etc...) integrating different type of cameras with different sensor format and resolution. For such reason, the X-Ray family is very large, providing the right solution and proper image quality with desired magnification.

The common characteristics of such lenses are:

  • Small dimension and easier assembly
  • Very High transmission, means reduced X-Ray dose on the patient
  • High resolution … very close to the diffraction limit
  • High dynamic range with iris diaphragm and insertable ND filters (fluoroscopy, with low X-Ray dose, and Radiographic imaging with very high X-Ray dose)

This flexibility provides a proper solution for every system, from the portable system, to C-arm device ... to big system in surgical area.

Beside to this, Optec provides service and assistance to optimize the lens selection and installation, including many accessories like the motorized function (iris, ND filtering) and X-Ray dose feedback with a dedicated light pick-up for measuring the dose in real time.

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